Thursday, February 15, 2007

Laying Out The Pattern Pieces

It's been a while since I laid out pattern pieces and this project had me standing on my head. I love the advise on the pattern directions. Circling the actual version you are laying out saves you the effort of constantly making sure you are laying out your pattern for your version and on the correct fabric width.

After the pattern was finally laid out, I cut out the pattern. I took a sewing class about three years ago and the instructor loved using the rotary cutter for dress patterns. My current instructor likes using high quality (Ghinger)pair of scissors.

After cutting out this project and starting to sew, I think I am going to use both methods in the future. The rotary cutter gives you undistorted fabric piece to work with. However, the intricacies of some pattern pieces require more dexterity than the rotary cutter allows. So the verdict for me: Combo-rotary/scissors.

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