Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Vintage Jacket--the project continues

The first sewing project you work on in three years is a lot like the first waffle you make on Saturday morning. You know how the first waffle isn't quite right--oh the waffle iron might have been too hot or too cold, you may not have put in enough batter or perhaps the batter was too thick or too runny. Anyway, you toss it to the dog and go on to make many perfectly delicious waffles.

Well, this jacket feels just like the waffle scenario. I have been working like a dog. First, because the pattern is vintage, many sewing practices have changed. For example, at the time the pattern was created, fusible interfacing didn't exist. Additionally, the way the instructions are written are sometimes less than clear. But I am working hard to recall all my sewing skills acquired over my lifetime to create my jacket.

This photo shows me fusing my interfacing as opposed to sewing it in my hand.

(I hope Casey the dog will enjoy wearing it when I complete the project! Maybe she'll wear it while eating the first waffle.)

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