Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Trip to the Fashion District in LA

Monday was my first trip to the Los Angeles Fashion District. I was amazed by the number of stores and the thousands of bolts of fabric, millions of buttons, hundreds of tiaras and reels of trim. We focused on Maple and Ninth Streets. Most store fronts are only twelve feet across with the store depth twenty-five to thirty feet long. The fabric is neatly organized in some stores as you can see in the photo. However, other stores have wall displays which are behind bolts and bolts of fabric which sit on the floor blocking the path.
Some prices are very good. I found a fabric I had been thinking about buying priced at $7.99/yard at one store and then $6.99yard at the store where I made my purchase. Locally, the fabric is priced at $14.00 a yard.
Most of the stores seemed to carry mountains of fleece and very alarming shiny fabrics. I think there was enough shiny, glittery, sparkly fabric to make a ballgown for every female (adult and child) in America.

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