Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sewing--Hot New Hobby

The first of February 2007, the New York Times featured an article on Sewing in the Fashion and Style section, On Pins and Needles, but Not Missing a Stitch .

The reporter of the article stated that she had "taken it up" referring to sewing. Now she is obsessed and trolls the internet for notions and fabrics.

I can relate. I started a fashion sewing class at my local community college, Saddleback, this semester. I am hooked on sewing all over again. I have been sewing up a storm. This week I am working on my sewing samples completing samples of French seams, Mock French seams, curved seams, pointed seams and many hand sewing selections.

I was a little disappointed in the article from the Times reporter, however. She references several web sites. The Home Sewing Association web site was a good reference given the nature of the article. She also referenced supply sites like Clotild and Junetailor. I was hoping these sites would be the ultimate source of sewing supplies. They had no more in the supply side than the local Joanne Fabrics in my town. She also found a great site for reproduction fabrics from the various decades.

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